Marine electronics are fitted in boats, ships and yachts to fully support marine environment. Extra attention is needed for creating such products as even a small of amount of salt water can damage the device. These electronic devices are used for marine communication, marine navigation, satellite communication and marine safety industry. Their customers are service companies, shop management enterprises, ship chandlers, owners of the ship, shipyards and system navigators. These are different marine electronic items a beginner should know about marine electronics

Multifunction Displays (MFDs)

Multifunction Displays let’s you see all your system in a single interface. Using a touch screen or keypad control, the instrument works as the brain of a boat. While it may look quite difficult to understand, using a multifunction display is as simple as using a smartphone. There are icons that are similar to mobile apps allowing you to control different functions.


Chartplotters are GPS for boats. Like what a GPS system is to a car, a chartplotter is to a boat. Navigating in the sea becomes easy with a chartplotter. You keep in mind factors like water depth and navigational aids while using chartplotters.

Engine monitors

It is necessary to note things like tachometers, fuel levels, and temperature of the engine. Engine monitors take a lot of space on multifunction display. Using them, you will be able to keep a check on the parameters related to your engine.

VHF Marine Radio

VHF marine radio  is used for communication while in the sea. As there is a strong system of two-way radio transceivers on ships and watercrafts, a VHF radio use FM channels in Very High Frequency (VHF) for two way communication from ship to ship, from ship to shore or even from ship to aircraft.

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