To close the wage gap there have to be available opportunities with salary that are corresponding. So far what we are seeing is a move to get attention to how those living wage job opportunities have become extinct for millions of job seekers and low income employees all around the nation.  In order to do that we need to ascertain what is the criteria in establishing a living wage that is true. It must not be confused with the minimum wage determined by the USA government. A living wage is different in that enables people to contribute to the financial stability of any community. In determining a living wage, the way would be to determine what the cost of mortgage or rent is at any county that is given. It is Time many companies step up to the plate in realizing that paying a living wage is not just great for the local market but quite beneficial for their business growth, profitability and stability.

Minimum Wage

In reality paying a living wage for full time employees say in production, education, health, technology, construction and specific service related sectors, spurs real economic growth for all.When Employees receive living wages a growing number of people will have the ability to buy the goods and services which are produced which in turn means more business which means more manufacturing with the end result being more sustainability for all companies. There is another real factor that should be considered when establishing a living wage is that a recent report has said that the largest cause of domestic violence, divorce and abuse is a result of the simple fact of the absence of financial support within the family unit. This does nothing to increase any society or ours. Our nation was founded on the principle of a stable and strong family unit.

The Guidelines to get commissions, refinancing, lines of credit or buys state, of new or used cars have to be assessable for all. Today one late or missed payment on just one invoice will send the credit rating down so low that people will no longer qualify for any help what so ever. That is one of the causes foreclosures continue to be so high. The credit score should not be the criteria for any person who is currently applying for help. The easing of credit scores will probably have a very substantial effect toward economic growth since these people will now have the ability to stave off foreclosure and or have the ability to stimulate calculadora salario liquido local economy by buying that used or new vehicle.