Flea Allergy Dermatitis, an allergy to the flea saliva’s antigen, impacts 40 percent of all family pets, reveals data from vets. Advantage flea control is a monthly therapy medicine for dogs 7 weeks or older and pet cats 8 weeks or older. This medicinal medication offers thorough protection not only from fleas, however eggs and also larvae too. It likewise controls and also prevents lice on pet dogs, although it is ineffective on ticks. Advantage flea control works within 12 hours of application. It is simple and secure to apply. In addition, it is completely water-proof, and also continues to work even if your family pet splashes. The energetic ingredient of this pet dog drug is imidacloprid. This acts upon the fleas’ nerve system; triggering them to paralysis and subsequently die. The 2nd active ingredient of the medicine, pyriproxyfen, controls insect development. When eggs are laid by a women flea on the family pet, pyriproxyfen restricts the eggs from hatching out, therefore finishing the life process of the flea.

To apply Advantage flea control, the applicator tip must be put on the pet dog’s skin level. For ideal outcomes on pet cats, use Benefit over the neck of the neck. On canines under 20 lbs, the medication must be put on the skin on the back, between the shoulder blades. For pets considering more, the whole content of one tube should be used on 3 to 4 areas along the skin between the shoulder and the tail. Benefit should be saved in an awesome as well as dry place. Do not maintain this medication in the fridge. The vacant container must not be recycled. The vacant container needs to be ideally wrapped in a towel or bag prior to putting it in garbage. If the container is filled partially, it is advisable to call a neighborhood strong waste agency to avoid contamination. As Advantage препарат за бълхи flea control might have negative responses on both animals and people keep it out of the reach of your pets as well as youngsters.


The item needs to not can be found in call with the pet dog’s mouth or eyes. If it does, laundry with soap as well as lots of water. Specific level of sensitivities, although a rarity, may happen on making use of the product. If indications continue or intensify, consult your vet. Call a poison control center instantly if the medication is ingested by your pet, or in instance of an overdose.

Moreover, you have to talk to your vet if your pet gets on one more drug or is undertaking treatment with one more pesticide. Use of Benefit on expectant, nursing, aged or debilitated animals should likewise be validated with a veterinarian.