P Plates stand for probationary plates, which indicate that the driver of a vehicle has recently taken and passed a practical driving examination. Although this qualification should still stand up to the set standards, they are offered additional space and time to improve their driving skills. Do you know that a young or a new driver is likely to get into an accident by 30 percent compared to seasoned drivers?

Should You Use P Plates? 

As soon as you pass your driving test, using rent car p plate singapore is recommended until your driving gets better and you sense confidence as a driver. This may take up to weeks or even months. However, sadly newly qualified vehicle drivers find P Plates irritating as they are so uncool and comparable to L plates. If you also experience the same, you can keep a set in the car and use them while driving to an unfamiliar area or on a motorway. P Plates aren’t mandatory.

Still, it is best to use them as they facilitate other drivers using the road so that they can get more cautious. They would be indicated that you are a new driver and still learning to drive. On top of that, you can enjoy maximum concentration while driving on the road with a P Plate, as other drivers won’t be screaming and getting impatient at your unsafe and defective driving. The label alerts others on the road, thereby ensuring the safety of all.